Furious Full Moon blessings, my friends.

I’ve spent the last few days in a rather nasty headspace of depression, cynicism, and self-doubt, questioning my intentions, motives, and desires. It hasn’t been pretty and quite frankly I would give just about anything to not be confined to a body right now, but instead to be a supernova exploding through the far reaches of the cosmos because that’s what it feels like inside.

Life hasn’t been easy. The shadow aspects of our culture are made glaringly clear day by day. In addition to coping with COVID and quarantine, every day we are forced to endure a mudslide of blatant lies and twisted narratives. We are given binary choices and made to literally choose between the lesser of two evils (ahem 2020 election). The normalization of corruption, greed, and ignorance has overshadowed basic human decency. As a nation we face the very real danger of being gaslighted into oblivion.

And yet, the fragility of our current patriarchal and capitalist society has been revealed. We are witnessing, firsthand and in real time, the collapse of the Tower. It feels good in a way, yes? But also, in another way, no. Because while some things are changing daily for the better, some things (like rampant racism, sexism, classism, ableism, xenophobia, poverty, etc.) are not so easily changed.

The moon is full and so am I: full of rage, fed up with bullshit, and sick to death of the status quo.

Earlier this week I did a tarot reading for myself with the intention of understanding what it is I need to do to strengthen and deepen my connection with the unseen. It began as an ordinary morning reading, a practice I have admittedly been half-assing for a while now. What I ended up getting was a kick in the spiritual balls so surprising and profound I had no choice but to not just reframe the question but sheepishly examine the purpose behind everything I’ve done in the last year and a half.

I was faced with a soul-quaking revelation: have I been doing it all wrong?

The reading called me the fuck out in a way that hasn’t happened for quite a while. It forced me to really dig into any illusions I might have surrounding my desire to create this station for myself as, essentially, a professional mystic who dispenses “truth” and “wisdom” to truth and wisdom seekers.

From there things got dark. I had to plunge deep into my own shadows and ask what it was, exactly, I hoped to accomplish by placing myself in this position. Was it notoriety? Recognition? Acknowledgement? Uh, yeah, sort of. It didn’t feel good to admit this to myself but once I did, things got a little more clear. Of course it didn’t end there.

Additional questions arose: why do I need so badly to be recognized, to be heard? Furthermore, why is my voice worth hearing? Why can I not just live quietly and contentedly with things as they are? Why have I felt for most of my adult life that there is something else, something more, beyond just finding a job I don’t hate and Netflix & Chilling myself into complacency?

My tarot practice has gotten lazy. Instead of “taking it to the next level” I’ve settled for traditional interpretations and superficial readings, neither of which are acceptable to me any longer. I think this is part of why I’ve struggled lately to connect with the cards in general: because I need something different. I need more.

A year ago a friend told me: stop playing slow pitch softball. I don’t generally give much credence to sportsball metaphors but that sentiment still echoes today.

It’s time to discuss the evolution of Folkloracle, which I’ve hinted at for a while now.

In thinking about what it is I desire and why I feel so driven to push forward on this path despite the fact that it seems at times like all I’m doing is screaming into a void, I arrived at the answer.

What I truly desire is to encourage folks to think for themselves.

And with that, I am proud to announce the new incarnation of Folkloracle: the Folkloracle Mystery School.

Mystery schools throughout history have varied in their teachings but share a common ideal: to preserve and pass on esoteric teachings. The Folkloracle Mystery School will adhere to this ideal as well; but whereas the mystery schools of yore often included some form of initiation or exclusivity, it is important to me that the Folkloracle Mystery School be accessible and available to all who wish to pursue its offerings.

In launching the Folkloracle Mystery School, my intent is to provide students with the resources and inspiration necessary to think beyond what we’ve been taught and conditioned by the overculture, by institutionalized education and systematic schooling. Classes will be informative but entertaining; content may be transgressive but also healing.

As much as this phrase makes me cringe, my mission is to empower seekers to think outside the box — because that is exactly what we’ve been given: a box in which we are supposed to live, think, and exist.

I want to blow that box wide open, Pandora-style.

We are worthy of so much more than what we’ve been given by mainstream resources. There is an archive of valuable and potent knowledge that has been swept under the rug and removed from view because it is “dangerous.”

Who calls it dangerous? Those who seek to keep it hidden. To them, it IS dangerous because it dismantles demagoguery and castrates control.

In the upcoming weeks & months Folkloracle Mystery School will roll out a series of curricula developed to appeal to a wide audience of curious and cunning folk. Preliminary courses of study will include:

  • Witchcraft & Magic
  • Tarot & Divination
  • Paranormal & Occult
  • Healing & Energetics
  • “SuperNaturalism,” or the Intersection of Nature & Folklore
  • Death & the Afterlife

I hope to eventually offer a variety of programming and introduce additional instructors, lecturers, artists, and curators. This will be a long-term project but one I foresee as continuing to shift and evolve.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to do tarot readings and pop-ups (virtually and, hopefully, IRL soon) while Folkloracle grows into its new skin. My May availability for distance readings is up now via my bookings page, and email readings are always available in my shop. In addition, I’ll be completely revamping and updating my website to better fit with the new direction Folkloracle is taking. Soon I’ll add some new services like 1:1 Mentorship and Metaphysical Consulting as well.

Please bear in mind that as much as I would love to make all of this available right away, I am one person undertaking this endeavor as a labor of love. This is not something I expect to make a living from, and quite honestly I don’t foresee that being the case anyway. I’m doing this because nearly everything in my life has led me to this point. I’m doing it because I can’t NOT do it.

My time, energy, and resources may be finite, but my enthusiasm to make this happen knows no end. Despite the fury and depression that attempt to ravage me on a fairly regular basis, it feels rejuvenating to finally share this with all of you. I hope you’ll stick with me as the Folkloracle Mystery School finds its footing and roots itself in the community.

“Follow strange paths and worship strange gods.”

This quote by weird fiction author T.E.D. Klein has inspired and guided me across vast landscapes, both within and without. It is a strange path indeed but that’s never stopped me before. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I invite you to join me on this weird and wondrous quest.

Thank you, as always, for your interest and support. I look forward to what the future holds for us all.

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