I wrote this Tarotscope for the Collective last week after George Floyd was murdered by police but before things reached the crescendo they are at currently. I share it now with the hope & intention that it provides something of use: whether it be a soothing balm or additional fuel for the revolution.

An excerpt:

This tarotscope falls in alignment with the full moon in Sagittarius , AND lunar eclipse, this Friday, June 5. We have the potent vibes of the full moon, along with the special energy of eclipses.

Eclipses upset the natural order of things. During a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth falls across the face of the moon, bringing the unconscious to the surface. This can create sudden and abrupt change, be the end of a cycle that has run its course, and/or a mass shedding or release of things in our lives that just need to go already.

Inspired by the upcoming celestial event, I designed this tarotscope to correspond to the key players in any eclipse: the moon, the earth, and the sun.

  • The Moon, or, What is Being Obscured: Queen of Cups
  • The Earth, or, What is Doing the Obscuring: Five of Swords
  • The Sun, or, the Path to Illumination: Four of Coins

We are bearing such tremendous emotional weight right now: the ongoing COVID crisis, the recent murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd (and the continual murder of Black Americans by police in general), the economic disparities that become more blatant by the day, the collective gaslighting of America by governmental “leadership.”

As our emotional bodies continue to be ravaged on a daily basis, eventually these soft and vulnerable parts of ourselves retreat into the shadows. We shut ourselves down emotionally, as a mode of self-protection and self-preservation. We can only take so much. And right now it is TOO much.

To read the tarotscope in full, please visit The Real MainStream by clicking the button below.

I also want to take a moment to voice my support of the protesters across the US. What we are witnessing is a long-overdue uprising against injustice, capitalism, colonialism, the police state, and the systemic racial inequality that this country was founded upon. It is a harsh truth to face but the United States is a toxic nation and I stand in support & solidarity of all who fight to change that. Black lives matter!

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