About Folkloracle

Folkloracle was founded by Dawn Frary, an Iowa City-based artist, death doula, Reiki Master Teacher, and natural intuitive. A lifelong student of mysticism and the occult, Dawn has studied tarot for over 20 years and seeks to make it accessible to anyone who is beckoned to educate and empower themselves through this esoteric art.

Since October 2018, Dawn has offered professional tarot readings and services in the Iowa City / Cedar Rapids area, including pop-up events at White Rabbit, Revival, Over the Moon Studio, Bohemian Betty Flea Market, IC Pride Fest, the Iowa City Farmers Market, and more. In the summer of 2019 Dawn co-taught the workshop Intuitive Thinking through Tarot Interpretation with Iowa City author, podcaster, and experimental theologian Daniel Boscaljon.

The intention behind a Folkloracle tarot reading is, first and foremost, to empower clients toward their Best Good. This means something different for everyone and it is important to honor each journey individually. A driving principle behind Folkloracle is to meet clients where they’re at, without judgement, hesitation, or fear. Employing traditional, archetypal, and psychological interpretations of the cards, a Folkloracle tarot session is intended to be a sacred, intimate experience between the querent and the reader, infused with compassion, humor, and truth.

What Folks are Saying

"Dawn is a deeply intuitive and spiritually connected being ... [she] is exceptionally empathic, and finds a way to connect not just with the persons (or animals) she is with, but with something deep and profound that runs through it all. I cannot recommend her enough."
Iowa City
"Dawn has read cards for me several times and I'm always amazed by her accuracy and insight. Her interpretation of the cards seems to come very naturally ... Anyone can buy a deck of tarot cards and memorize their meaning, but Dawn's ability goes much further than those paper rectangles."
Bradley, IL
"Since the first day we met, Dawn has been one of my go-to metaphysical experts. Dawn is acutely aware of human relationships to nature and animals, providing a sensitive and empathetic basis for her tarot."
Chicago, IL

What does Folkloracle mean?

“Folkloracle” is a combination of the words folklore and oracle and is intended as a nod to the magical principle “As above, so below.” If folklore is what connects us to our roots and oracles are what connect us to the divine, Folkloracle seeks to occupy and expand the space that lies in between as a conduit of both earthly and ethereal wisdom.

About Dawn

Photographer, death doula, wildlife educator, bookworm, bird nerd, cat lady, crematory worker, “witch of the in-between places” … Dawn has spent her life exploring and acclimating to the limits of human experience–the places people tend to visit, perhaps briefly, before returning to the everyday world.

Learn more about Dawn here.

Photo by Lauren Chesire