Upcoming Classes & Workshops

Elements of Tarot Workshop

This workshop is designed for readers and seekers of all skill levels — novices, experienced readers, and everyone in between is welcome. 

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, we will explore a brief history of tarot, tarot myths & facts, the Major and Minor Arcana, along with the suits, elements, archetypes, and numerology of the tarot. There will be time allotted to practice reading for each other followed by a tarot Q&A.

Past Classes & Workshops

Intuitive Thinking through Tarot Interpretation

Presented by Daniel Boscaljon of Coffee with Dan and Dawn Frary of Folkloracle, this workshop series shows how tarot cards provide one avenue for developing intuitive thinking skills. Putting aside the possibility of using the cards as a source of spiritual guidance, this workshop offers a philosophical, historical, and practical inquiry into the possibilities of tarot cards to become a more agile, proactive thinker.

The workshop is broken into four, two-hour components, and will meet on alternating Monday evenings in June & July beginning June 3.

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