A Tarot Pop-up is a unique opportunity for local businesses and event planners to craft a memorable experience, sharing space with clients in a whole new way.

In the autumn of 2018 Folkloracle began popping up at shops and markets around Iowa City, reading tarot and making new friends. Pop-ups at White Rabbit, Revival, and Over the Moon Studio were massive hits – some even sold out! Since then Folkloracle continues to pop-up in and around the Iowa City area. (Pssst: keep an eye out for us this summer at the Iowa City Farmers Market!) 

Pop-ups are perfect for special events, festivals, holidays, promotions, or as a way to offer clients something unusual and memorable.

Folkloracle is available for pop-ups, retreats, and other events in Eastern Iowa.

White Rabbit, October 2018.
Hand + Hearth Yuletide Market, Over the Moon Studio, December 2018
Revival, October 2018.