Tarot Offerings

Conjuring for autumn 2018: Tarot Pop-Ups and Tarot Parties

A Tarot Pop-up is a unique opportunity for local businesses and event planners to share space with mystical energies and allow clientele to connect with the Unseen.

Tarot Parties are similar to Tarot Pop-ups, but occur in the client’s home or other private space. An intimate and sacred offering, Tarot Parties serve to facilitate conversation, connection, and community.

To inquire about hosting a Tarot Pop-up or Tarot Party, please contact folkloracle {at} gmail {dot} com or by using the contact form.


Tarot is a powerful tool for self-discovery, exploration, expansion, evolution, and healing.

It’s a mirror for the unseen forces in our lives that cannot be viewed with the naked eye; forces we sometimes we need to see reflected back to us in a new light in order to process, understand, and heal them.

A Folkloracle Tarot Reading

Tarot cannot show you your future. It cannot provide definite answers. Instead, tarot serves as an invitation to dive deep into your psyche and become acquainted with what resides there.

A Folkloracle tarot reading is imbued with the intention to empower, enlighten, illuminate, and heal. Using the symbolism and archetypal meaning present in the tarot’s imagery, I seek to guide the querent into examining the aspects of their lives in the present moment that might be calling for transformation.

In order for change to truly occur we must learn to alchemize our experiences and desires into something that serves us as individuals and the planet as a whole. By gathering useful experiences from the past and present and learning to let go of what no longer serves us, we can begin to build the future.

If the answers to our deepest questions reside in the darkness within our souls, a Folkloracle reading is an offer to walk with you into that darkness where we will explore it together without judgement or fear.


As a certified Reiki Master Teacher (Usui tradition) and certified Death Midwife, I incorporate the skills and knowledge provided by these traditions into my readings. This allows me to connect with clients on a profound level and hold space for those who seek to absorb the deep medicine tarot can provide. This includes addressing issues within the auric body – the chakra system – that require balance and healing, as well as creating sacred space in which the little deaths that occur in our lives every day may be explored.

If you are unfamiliar with Reiki energy healing, read more about it here. To learn more about Death Midwifery, please visit my Death Midwife site, IC Death Midwife.

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