Dawn has read cards for me several times and I’m always amazed by her accuracy and insight. Her interpretation of the cards seems to come very naturally. Not only does she read the cards, but she articulates the feeling that she’s getting along with particular card’s symbolism. I’ve read that tarot cards are really just a tool that make channeling easier, and Dawn’s readings exemplify this as I doubt she really even needs the cards to give an accurate reading. They are her tools and she works with them masterfully.

A couple of readings that Dawn has done for me stand out in my mind. One was when I asked her to tell me about the future of a book I had just finished writing; my jaw dropped as I watched her pull cards whose imagery matched the book’s story so precisely. Her interpretation focused on growth which ended up being exactly the path I found myself on several months later; the book I was so sure was complete is now growing some more. My vision for it ended up shifting and I’m continuing to work on it. Growth was in the cards all along.

Another reading that stands out was one that I asked Dawn to do for me remotely. I live several hours away and it wasn’t possible to see her in person. Again I was amazed at her insight regarding the question I’d asked her to query, but something unexpected happened – she ended up connecting with one of my Guides. She gave me the details of the reading via email and she described, in detail, a woman that she saw with me. She described her physical appearance and also her mannerisms. It was unmistakable to me who she was describing! And I had never mentioned this Guide to Dawn, or to anyone else. That blew me away.

Anyone can buy a deck of tarot cards and memorize their meaning, but Dawn’s ability goes much further than those paper rectangles. I look forward to having many more readings with her in the future!