Dawn is a deeply intuitive and spiritually connected being.  She did a tarot reading for us in January, 2016. Before the reading, she explained to us that she sees tarot as a guide or a blueprint, rather than something that could predict each detail of the future. She asked us what our question was for the reading, and then she spent some time “sitting” with the question before doing the reading—which she did on her own, in a separate time and place. I appreciated her approach because I felt like she really slowed down and connected with something deep and profound, rather than rushing to offer quick answers.

In a few days, we got our reading, which was a document full of photos and extensive interpretation. Her interpretation was tailored to us, specifically – not cut-and-paste text, but very personal and intimate. Everything was accompanied with advice and tools to help us grow and flourish, all of it based on our particular reading. The tarot reading showed us that we would face some losses and challenges in the coming year – which indeed we did – much more than any year in our lives. It was eerily accurate. Dawn’s compassionate reading helped me to see that growth was possible, even when it felt like everything was being cut away. That, like a tree, sometimes cutting away is what makes growth possible.

I have had my doubts about tarot in the past, and I firmly believe that the quality of one’s experience with tarot depends on the reader and on your own state of being. Dawn is exceptionally empathic, and finds a way to connect not just with the persons (or animals) she is with, but with something deep and profound that runs through it all.  I cannot recommend her enough.