Witchy Wednesdays
at Over the Moon Studio

Folkloracle Tarot is proud to introduce Witchy Wednesdays at Over the Moon Studio, a weekly opportunity throughout the month of October intended for those who seek to peer beyond the veil and mingle with magic.

Beginning Wednesday, October 9, Folkloracle will offer 30-minute tarot sessions at Over the Moon Studio in downtown Iowa City. Sessions are available from 4-9pm by appointment only*.
Folkloracle was founded by Dawn Frary, an Iowa City-based artist, death doula, and natural intuitive. A lifelong student of mysticism and the occult, Dawn has studied tarot for over 20 years and seeks to make it accessible to anyone beckoned to educate and empower themselves through this esoteric art.


*Please note: appointments may not be booked fewer than 6 hours in advance the day-of.

Availability for Wednesday, October 30 to be announced soon.

At Over the Moon we pride ourselves on creating a safe, sacred space for all clients and guests. Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome and accepted and to leave feeling inspired and empowered.

Over the Moon Studio, downtown Iowa City